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Discernment Day

A Women Created & Called 3-Day Workshop Experience

Join Discernment Day & Gain Access To The Exclusive Workshop Resources

LIVE Group Workshop

Join the LIVE workshop experience with guided talk on growing in trust and discernment in daily life as woman of faith and participate in an opportunity for live group coaching.

Downloadable Workbook

Gain access to a downloadable PDF companion guide to the Discernment Day workshop complete with follow up exercises to get you moving with thoughtful action. 

30 Minute Consultation

All attendees of the Discernment Day 3 Day Workshop will receive an opportunity to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation call to discuss how to apply the workshop resources to their own life. 

Take The First Step

Discernment can be a tough subject for modern Christians, especially for women who are balancing the daily demands of family life and career. Discernment Day was created to help women to begin by taking a small first step in the right direction of facing the skill of discernment head on with ample support and guidance.

Give Yourself The Support You Deserve

Carving out time from your busy life and schedule to hit pause and do the deep work of discernment in areas of your life that are tripping you up can be challenging. Join this 3 day workshop so you can take action and fill your cup amidst other women pursuing the same goals!

Join The Discernment Day!

Hear What Others Are Saying...

Beth reminded me to celebrate the wins before focusing on areas where I became distracted and ended up ignoring my commitments to myself. I’ve been able to take small steps toward “taking every thought captive” by being aware of, examining, and then determining if my thoughts are serving me. In the past I would do a thought download, but I missed the important next step of not just leaving it as another “to-do” list. 

Coaching has helped me understand that those tasks either deserve a place on my calendar, need delegation, or need to be removed from my mind. Thinking about the Advent season with its rich traditions usually makes me excited and also a bit overwhelmed, but this year has been filled with confidence and peace as I’ve been able to be present and focused!


Beth is a generous, considerate and deeply listening coach who gave me space to be where I was and gave me the encouragement to help me remember who I am so that I can take steps forward in my life. Since I’ve been coached by Beth, I feel more in connection with myself and with God, and I’m clear that her coaching can create transformation in your relationship with God.


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